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Wild heart that live younger


‘There’s always a wild side to an innocent face’

I miss those old days where I have the luxury of time to indulge myself with books.

Love … and always will love books. For the geek in me,  surrounding myself with books makes me less lonely and fearless to face this world we called life. There are lots of things going on in my head at all times… restless mind I called it and almost always this chaotic mind of mine will settle only after I fed it with knowledge and answers.

When I am in doubt almost all the time I turned to books for answers … yup! I read.


The last autumn color in Tokyo, Japan

Lately, I noticed that I don’t read that much anymore.

Being busy between parenthood, traveling, photography and working … or is it that I got myself tangled deeper than I expected into the social network (facebook, twitter, IG, blogs etc) superhighway?

The last book that I bought and read halfway was in July 2014 … gosh! seriously. And, I used to travel with one book in hand and disciplined myself to finish up at least 1 book during each trip.


The last autumn color for 2015 on a Gingko Biloba tree in Tokyo, Japan


My darlings enjoying the last autumn color in Tokyo, Japan

For the past four (4) months I have traveled to 4 different countries with 4 different group of people and I was not accompanied by any physical book at all.

I was fiddling and experimenting with the idea of replacing the physical books with e-book actually. I downloaded selective e-books to my ipad and made a promise to myself that I will continue reading digitally.

Well … I noticed that reading from ibook is way too distracting for me and I ended up being busy either scrolling the internet or updating my facebook or Instagram status (for hours). I wasted too much time with social networks during my travel time and I ended up restless for no reason.

I figured that I need a new strategy to optimize my travel experiences and these are my 2015 New Year travel resolution:

One: I will discipline myself to stay disconnected from the distracting gadgets and focus only on my whereabout. No more hours getting connected to the net or even chatting through my whatsapp 😉 … gosh! I am a champion if I can do this … Sally is a SURE champion lol.

Two: I will update my blog while on the road too. I want to capture my own emotion while traveling and logged it into may digital journal here. I think years from now, I would be curious about how I felt during each trip. The old mature me would reminisce the younger crazy me … 😉 ‘when you get older, your wild heart will live for younger days’ ~ Avicii – The Nights

Three: I will read at least one (1) book during each trip. The only way to nourish this noisy mind of mine is through reading. Sharing a few tricks on how to read more … you can read it here.

And, I want to add one more resolution for this year …

Four: I will have more of a ‘mellow down’ type of traveling this year. I want to slow down and smell the roses at each stop during my trips. Being alone in Seoul for 5 days, spending 11 days in ‘just’ Tokyo and hanging around in ‘just’ Dubai for 7 days were more fulfilling for my mind and soul than struggling through the ‘touch and go’ trip covering 10 places in 8 days kinda trip. I can watch and learn more if I slow down a bit … I presume 🙂


A small wedding ceremony at a Shrine in Tokyo, Japan

Sharing a few photos during my ‘mellow down’ trip recently. While hanging around loosely around the park, shrine, subways, public buses or the grocery stores, the introvert me gets to chill out with the local people and communicate mostly in sign language lol … very interesting indeed.


Autumn color in Nami Island, South Korea


Red maple leaves under the sun in Nami Island, South Korea


Fierce red maple leaves in Nami Island, South Korea


Tree trunks in black and white in Nami Island, South Korea

I realized that moments are best enjoyed at a slow-mo pace.

It is like eating your ice-cream (eating ice-cream during winter is the best) … you need to sit down, be comfortable with your surroundings and start licking your ice-cream slowly while enjoying the tingling sweet cold taste in your mouth.

I think love should be shared and enjoyed in a slow-mo moment too … kan? You won’t get poorer if you stopped and slow-mo for a second (from your ‘rush’ quest for materials) and have a look at my face … lol. Not complaining just being sarcastic… 🙂

I was in Dubai a few days ago and a slow-mo routine ride from Deira side to Bur Dubai side via the abra or water-taxi turned into a great moment when someone started to feed the hungry seagulls while we were taxing across the river.

Gorgeous moments shared together with my BFF … we wore the biggest satisfied smile on our face that day … alhamdullilah simple life pleasure kan?


Abra water-taxi queuing for passangers at Dubai, UAE


Diera side from the river front in Dubai, UAE


Lovely golden morning sun at Dubai, UAE


A serene moment in BnW in Dubai, UAE

Yeah … I spelled out and shared my travel resolution for this year here in my digital journal and in December 2015, I will come back to this post again to check on my yearly achievement;-).

A quote by Albert Einstein to remind me that it is ok to choose to be a loner … 😉

“Be a loner. That gives you time to wonder, to search for the truth. Have holy curiosity. Make your life worth living.” ~ Albert Einstein



p/s slow-mo aka slow motion


The colour of Autumn in South Korea

A gingko biloba tree in Jeoju, South Korea

Autumn in Jeoju Hanuk Village, South Korea

Ahh … after spending 2 weeks breathing the polluted air along Old Silk Road route in North China, the autumn air here in South Korea felt so refreshingly good. Yeah … I am in Seoul right now enjoying the refreshing and crispy autumn air.

The last maple leaves

The last maple leaves

Currently spending my own sweet time here in Seoul after a hectic 7-days Crossing Bridges photography event covering Incheon to Gochang, Jeonju, Gyeonju, Chongnamdae and Seoul . The Crossing Bridges event is a yearly event organised by different asian country each year since 11 years ago. And this year the event was hosted by the Professional Photographers of Korea (PPK). 149 aspiring photographers from Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Philippines got together for a photography trip shooting the colour of autumn around South Korea.


The participant of Crossing Bridges-11 (this is not an official group photo for CB11)

My second time in South Korea and my first time participating in such event. Wohoo! It was a fun experience indeed whereby I can sleep, eat, talk and do just … photography. And the most important thing is I got to experience the real Korean culture and the Korean warm hospitality. Sleeping on the heated floor shared by 7 other photographers in a small room and sharing showers openly with each other … hmm it was kind of a new culture for me though, but I like it nevertheless.

So, I am sharing some of my photos here for my readers and most importantly for my own  autumn colour inspiration. I will post the rest of my photos in my Zenfolio and Flickr profile and you can always check it out there 🙂

A blend of yellow, golden orange, green and red colour

A blend of yellow, golden orange, green and red colour created a fiery look

I extended my stay here in Seoul for another 5 nights after the Crossing Bridges trip so that I could roam around the streets here and hunt for some inspirations (sounds cliche but well that is the truth). Walking around Myeondong street in Seoul enjoying the “beauty conscious” consumers crowding the street hunting for a magic moisturizer, cream, mask or a cosmetic surgery that can transform a woman into an angel … well, it can last me for a half an hour before I started feeling the emptiness inside my shell. Not my kind of place though so I opted for a strolled in Insandong street instead. I like Insandong street …Korean folk art and craft along the street, it felt more human than just a blank ‘flesh’. I am being poetic huh?

Talking about the mask … uhh I need to get my facial mask supply too from that Nature Republic shop down in Myeondong Street before I leave this city. Me being a hypocrite …to prove that I am still human after all lol.

Autumn in my heart ;-)

Autumn in my heart ;-). A pinky looking tree

Today I went for a jewelry hunting around Dongdaemun and Namdaemun market, the famous wholesale market in Seoul. I noticed that the Korean jewelry could be at its most minimalist design to the most extreme bling bling design. I saw a good 925 silver jewelry collection in Dongdaemun market and I bought 3 rings to fit my index, ring and pinky fingers … so much for a minimalist me huh?

A day at the park

A day at the park

The accessories and jewelry section in Namdaemun market are overwhelmingly big and full of all sort of bling bling design. From rings to necklaces, studs, earrings, bracelets, brooch to all sort of accessories but I don’t think GayaIzzah.com needed those bling bling accessories yet. Maybe GayaIzzah.com need more silver rings to add into its jewelry collection. I still have time to check it out again tomorrow afternoon 😉

Fallen leaves

Fallen leaves at the drain

Thinking of going to Nami Island tomorrow morning to check on the trees there … lol I sounded like a real geek checking out trees. If I am lucky enough I might be able to shoot some interesting colours around there too. Hopefully I could wake up super early tomorrow to catch the earliest train to Nami Island … wow … wish me luck for tomorrow.

Autumn afternoon at the palace

An autumn afternoon at the Changgyeonggung Palace

Maple leaves

Maple leaves on the pathway

What did I get for myself during this trip? (apart from those silver rings)

Uhhh … I bought 2 sets of mini pottery jar with lid. A unique minimalist pottery jar with a touch of a Korean art, that could be used to store my daily jewellery … my unique jewellery jar.

Note: Updated on 13/11/04 : I love this olive colored ceramic jar more … here at home … compared to when it was on display at its previous home in the Pottery Village of Gyeongsang, South Korea. Gorgeous beautiful piece … loving this

Mini pottery jar from North Gyeongsang Pottery Village, South Korea

Mini pottery jar from North Gyeongsang Pottery Village, South Korea (updated on 13/11/04)

I have been on the road for almost a month now and started to miss my “home sweet home” … especially my bed, my children, my books, my breakfast buddies, my comfort food … my cat, my sandals … the list goes on and on … 🙂 … and my car key … etc lol



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