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Fly High and Touch The Sky

Another lockdown. MCO 2.0.

A week into Malaysian MCO 2.0 (started 13 Jan) and seeing C19 cases in Selangor at its record high, close to 1,500 cases per day while total C19 cases for the whole country had reached its highest so far at 4,029 cases per day (today is at 3,631 cases). I am not sure how would our battle against this pandemic ended, will we win or will most of us succumbed to it.

I lost one of my travel friend mid last month.

She had a brain tumour. It was sudden. The last time I met her was in March last year when we were at Mulu, Sarawak. We tried to climb the rigorous Mulu Pinnacles together. She looked and sounded healthy to me at that time. We even planned to climb Mt. Kinabalu in October but we cancelled the plan due to the pandemic. I saw the sad news on her Facebook timeline. I heard that she was hospitalised in late October but she was super quiet about it. No one in my circle seemed to know anything about her condition until we heard about the bad news. Maybe she didn’t expect that the tumour would be that bad.

A good friend of mine had a major heart attack this week.

He was with another group of friend at the time when he was struck. Lucky enough one of them performed CPR on him until the help came. He is a fighter and I pray for his recovery, Allah will ease his recovery. We are not only battling the virus but also the mental madness that came along with it.

The mental stress. The paranoia. The call from the bank. The shrinking saving account. The fear. It is all real! What can we learn?

  • Bad things happen
  • How you respond to them
  • Be prepared for anything
  • Routine is helpful

A constant reminder of how short life is. When your time come, you can’t delay it even for a second. Will I be ready to let go of my last breath in peace?

The more reason that I want to experience ‘life’ to its fullest.

Stay safe y’all.


Another PPG video that I want to share here

That Train has Left the Station

Looking at things from a positive perspective

Fallen sick during the Covid-19 lockdown (MCO) was not an easy experience at all.

You’ll be treated as guilty with the virus until proven innocent. Especially when the symptoms relate to anything with sore throat or flu, regardless of whatever explanation that you have.

On 15.04.2020, I was unlucky as I developed an allergy reaction to “something” that I could not figure out at that time. The symptom was a sore throat. It started as a slight irritation in my throat for a few days but turned into a sore throat.

Since a sore throat was one of the SIN signs of Covid-19 infection, I was scared that I could be wrongly diagnosed if I seek help so I left it untreated. It went bad to worst.

When I tried to seek preliminary treatment from the nearby clinic, the doctor chased me away like I was a filthy dirty human infected with the virus without even bother to help. One of the nurses suggested that I get treated at the nearby private hospital instead. My throat was badly swollen to the point that I could not drink or eat at all for 2 whole days.

I am glad that I have a good health insurance. So, I have the luxury to check-in to the nearest private hospital. I seldom fall sick, alhamdullilah and a random visit to a clinic or a hospital is a rare occasion for me. Being admitted to a hospital as a suspected Covid-19 patient first rather than as an allergy patient was painfully difficult.

When the Covid-19 test came out negative then things started to get easier for my allergy to be treated. I was admitted for 6 days and treated for severe allergy due to late aka delayed treatment. Allergy to what?

The culprit is … Virgin Coconut Oil or VCO. Yes, the doctor was puzzled too.

I ‘think’ I had an allergic reaction to VCO. I took 2 tablespoons of the oil at night every alternate day for 2 weeks before the incident. And each time I took the VCO oil, it would irritate my throat for a few hours. My doctor asked me why I didn’t stop consuming the oil as soon as I felt the irritation. My answer was “I thought that the VCO is harmless, who have ever thought that the oil that has been well used for generation can create such havoc to one”.

Strange but true. I actually googled on any allergy incident after consuming raw VCO and yes, there were a few cases where people complained about throat irritation after consuming the oil.

Falling sick during lockdown (MCO) was a self-realization experience for me. I am not trying to create a “drama sangat” moment out of the incident, ok. But it is interesting to see things that randomly happened in your life from a different perspective.

“Nobody ever figures out what life is all about, and it doesn’t matter. Explore the world. Nearly everything is really interesting if you go into it deeply enough.”

Richard Feynman

Due to the MCO (movement control order), cross-state border or interstate travel was restricted. During emergency case like mine, your loved ones could not reach you on time. And being physically isolated from my family, my loved one and the people that honestly cared about me during my most fragile time makes me rethink of how lonely life could be.

For an introvert like me, I don’t see isolation as a problem but being left alone when you are terribly ill to the point that one couldn’t tend to oneself is sad.

In the end family matters the most.

I do not own many friends as I don’t easily open up to people. But among those little friend groups that I have, I am blessed with some that helped me out during my sick days. Thank you and alhamdullilah. Jazzakhallah khairaa. May Allah (SWT) return your kindness.

There is always one spoilt apple in a barrel.

The one so-called best-friend-ever that showing your true color. All the sweet words and the sweet thoughts vanished through the thin air as I passed through my fragile moment. The thought that this gutsy girl has a Covid-19 symptom therefore she has the virus (because she wanders around a lot) overrule your humanity judgment.

Yep … that BFF abandoned me when I needed help to seek treatment for my near-fatal moment. Completely “krik krik krik” moment from your side. The virus scared the “toot” out of you, you damn scared that you would lose out when you helped me. It struck me that I had made a wrong friend choice.

I forgive you … my little friend. But hear this, that train has left the station. You have shown your true color. And your true color does not match my brilliant color. I shine. Ahhhh finally I managed to let out all the words that stuck in my chest to the open –live and learn!

Do you have any unpleasant experience during the recent Movement Control Order (MCO)? Share with me …



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