A year wiser

Today is my birthday.

My goodness, I am nearly reaching half a century old.

Numbers building up each year but surprisingly I don’t feel old at all. Another year wiser I think. Still, I don’t feel wiser either lol.

Except for this aching pain on my shoulder that I had from a fall with my camera early this year. I have to take a long rest from my hyperactive life for at least 6 months.

Treatment after treatment, I discovered that healing my muscles would take longer with age.

And the grey hairs that keep on popping out of my scalp. While the sensitive moody mood swing I kept experiencing lately is another sign that old people usually have lol.

I am glad that I am growing up just fine all these years. Except for some broken heart here and there … I am well taken care of by the Al-Mighty. Yep … blessed as always, alhamdulillah.

What did I do well? How did I manage to work out my life well other than the excuse of being so damn lucky and blessed by the Al-Mighty. I stumbled a few times in life but managed to stand up tall after each fall.

1. Being independent

I have a good father who taught me from a very young age the importance of being independent despite being a girl.

My father allowed me to stand on my 2 feet and respected my decision. Being a girl is not a weakness. I was treated fairly among my 4 brothers which gave me the confidence to carry myself along the way.

2. Good education

My father was a teacher. Education is important to him and he makes sure that his children are well educated regardless of their gender.

My curiosity helps me explore more about my surroundings and having a good education helps me to understand better. The more I understand about a puzzle the less scared I am about the uncertainty.

I learn to evaluate risk and take my own chances. When I was young, I see education as my ticket to get out of my house and explore the world.

3. Manage your finance well

Yes, money is not everything but money can bring you everywhere. Financial planning is very important. Work hard and learn how to properly manage your finances. Save your money for the thing that you really want to do in your life.

I want to be financially independent during my golden age and I make saving as my number 1 habit.  Don’t forget to buy an affordable health insurance policy when you are still young as you’ll save a lot on the lower monthly premium.

I had mine when I was 30 years old. At my age now and working as a freelancer, I am very thankful that I am well insured, as anything could just go wrong.

4. Choose to be a good person

Be a good daughter or son to your parents. Be a good father or mother to your children. Be a good lover.

Be a loyal husband or wife to your spouse. Be a good friend. Be a good girlfriend or boyfriend. Be a good member of your community.

Just be a good person because karma has a way to creep back into your life, what goes around will come around.

5. The power of strong faith in Al- Mighty

Have strong faith in Allah. Be a strong believer. He is the best planner. Trust him that everything would work out excellent according to his plan. He is indeed the most gracious and the most merciful.

Strong faith gives you strength when you are at your lowest point, gives you compassion and humanity when you are at your highest point.

حَسْبُنَا اللَّهُ وَنِعْمَ الْوَكِيلُ

Allah (Alone) is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us).”–Surah Al ‘Imran (3:173)

Age is just a number.

Oh God! and I need to always remind myself to keep on doing things that I love the most in life without limiting myself with my AGE. Stop listening to the uncles, aunties, makcik and pakcik bawang … who keep on reminding me to act like my age.

Not dead yet … I am still breathing fine, Alhamdullilah.

Jom … let us continue living the best life that we could create. Keep on contributing and inspiring others.

I am done babbling like an old auntie, lol


Sallymatsuda, 21 September 2019

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Be yourself - everyone else is already taken! - Oscar Wilde

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