Hiking Kanching Waterfalls

Sungai Kancing waterfall is only 28 km from my home in USJ. An understated and well-maintained park located close to the city of Kuala Lumpur. If you love hiking and dipping your head under the water then do not skip this place, highly recommended. A brief introduction to this place:

  • Location: Kanching Waterfalls, Sungai Kanching, Templer Park, Rawang
  • How to go: Waze for “Hutan Lipur Kanching”
  • Attraction: 7 layers of waterfalls. Hike your way up to the 7th layer
  • Difficulty: Relax and easy hike
  • Distance out and back: 3.64 km
  • Time spent: Half day trip
  • Caution: Be extra careful if you plan to visit this place during the monsoon season. Watch out for any sign of strong water current or ‘kepala air’ condition
  • Tips: This place is very crowded during the weekends/ public holidays. The best time to enjoy this place is on weekdays.
  • Leech level: Available but minimal
  • Entrance Fee: RM2 per person

Sungai Kanching Waterfalls. Dec 2, 2021

Start your hike early in the morning to enjoy the morning mist trapped between the tall trees. This place is located in a middle of a secondary jungle (turned into a Park) so you could still see some tall trees along the river. The thing that I love about this place is the continuous sound of rushing water accompanying my hike from level 1 to level 7, a very serene setting for a nature lover like me.

listening to the peaceful sound of the rushing water

What did I pack in my bag for this day trip:

  • A pack of delicious nasi lemak.
  • My water bottle
  • A walking stick
  • A small towel to dry myself after a quick dip into the water
  • A set of dry clothing
  • A good hiking shoe
  • A fully charged handphone with the Komoot App installed
  • A small camera

My hiking experience

Properly plan your time when you are here as you could easily get carried away while enjoying your water therapy. I suggest that you keep on hiking to the highest level first before you start jumping into the water.

Out of the 7 layers of the waterfalls in Sungai Kanching, my favourite swimming spot is the 5th layer waterfall. Soaking my head under the water could clear my weary mind and wash away all my body soreness … so refreshing, I like it.

The trails from layer 1 to layer 6 are properly laid out, but going from layer 6 to layer 7 waterfalls could be a bit tricky. It seemed that there is no dedicated route to reach level 7, so we followed the rocky pathway along the river until we reached the highest level of the Sungai Kanching waterfalls.

On our way down we decided to walk through the bushes to avoid climbing down on the steep slippery rock. One of us got bitten by at least 3 leeches while on our way down. Scary huh? Leeches are a no-no for me. It freaked me out.

Every now and then, I do enjoy hiking with a small group of friends. Motivating and encouraging each other to keep on moving forward until we reach the destination. I like to take it slow, looking up at the tall trees around me and absorbing my thought into the sound of the forest or the running water.

Sentimental right?

Be mindful when you are hiking in a group. Everybody has their own pace and personal reason on why they decided to pick this activity.

For me, I am trying my best not to compete with anybody else other than myself. Walking or hiking around places is my way to heal my mental exhaustion. I notice that I am calmer and more focused after a long walk. The noise in my mind for whatever reason becomes tolerable. My pace may be slower compared to the rest but In Sha Allah, I will make it to the top safely.

Share your hiking experience with me in the comment section below and keep on walking y’all.



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