Hiking Denai Tiga Puteri

If you are looking for a good hiking spot around Klang Valley then you should try this trail. A community-managed low-land forest area and a well-maintained hiking spot within the city area, Kota Damansara Community Trail is my choice for my speed hiking training during weekdays. The attraction is … an easy 3.3km hike from the entrance to the Tiga Puteri Peak, a lookout spot overviewing north and southbound traffic thundering along the NKVE with a glimpse view of Kota Damansara township in the distance.

  • Location: Denai Tiga Puteri in Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
  • How to go: Waze for Rimba Komuniti Kota Damansara
  • Attraction: Gorgeous view of Kota Damansara town
  • Difficulty: Moderate hike
  • Distance go and back: 6.6 km total distance
  • Time spent: Half-day trip
  • Tips: This place is crowded during the weekend. The best time to enjoy hiking at this place is on weekdays.
  • Leech level: None
  • Entrance Fee: RM2 per person
  • Information link: Denai 3 Puteri Hiking Trail

One of the trail in Denai 3 Puteri, Damansara

Denai 3 Puteri, Damansara. October 20, 2021

I have tried this trail several times, trying out different routes each time as this place has many interesting trails waiting to be explored. Scout trail, Serenity trail, Temuan trail, Sahabat trail, Unity trail and Harmoni trail, the name of some of the trails that I have explored. A good and safe hiking spot for families with children, it is never too early to introduce nature to our young children.

The trails are relatively easy, the only steep trails are when approaching Tiga Puteri Peak. This trail is recommended for a fit beginner.

Plan your hike properly. Download your preferred hiking trail app (I prefer the Komoot app) in advance and study the trails first before starting the hike.

We planned to have our picnic brunch at the lookout peak, so we packed extra food and water.

Study the weather for the day too, this is to avoid getting caught in the rain while hiking. I was caught in the rain a few times while in the middle of the trail, soaking wet from head to toe but surprisingly, it felt so good to be able to walk (or run lol) under the rain. And, I figured out that the forest landscape felt even more surreal under the heavy rain.

What did I prepare for this trip?

  • Packed foods
  • My water bottle
  • A walking stick
  • A small towel to wipe off my sweat
  • A good hiking shoe
  • A fully charged handphone with the Komoot App installed
  • A small camera
A group of mushrooms I saw along the track

Hiking is a fun and addictive exercise, only if you are doing it the right way. Planning is crucial. There’s a lot of preparation that goes into safe and fun hiking.

These are 5 important tips for enjoyable day hikes:

  • Choose the right trail. Always study the track first and match it with your body level fitness. Move up gradually from the beginner to the medium and later some challenging trails.
  • Start early and pace yourself. Know your pace. Your pace may vary depending on the track difficulty, the weather, and the time of the day (morning, midday, afternoon or night). Estimate your time for each km according to your pace. I could do 15 minutes for each km on an easy to medium difficulty track, as I would stop here and there to enjoy the view. I would start very early in the morning and try to finish the track before midday.
  • Stick to the trail to avoid getting lost. Study the route before starting the hike and stick to the trail. For me, I would follow the trail on my Komoot map religiously to save time from getting lost.
  • Wear the Right Shoes. Wearing the right shoe for hiking is very important. The right hiking shoe helps to protect your feet and ankle from hours and hours of hiking especially on tough trails. Spend some money on a good hiking shoe.
  • Use Hiking Pole. A good hiking pole help to support our body, especially our knees during uneven trails or downhill.
  • Pack a Snack and Enough Water.
Nazirah posing against the gorgeous city view

A hiking trip should be a fun trip. A quick method to cushion our stressful city lifestyle and an affordable way to exercise our tired worn-out bodies. But you need to do it in the right way to be able to enjoy the workout moment. Learn from the experience of each walk to improve your hiking moment, omit the steps that don’t fit your preferences as we are all different in our own way.

If possible, for safety reasons walk in a group or walk with a friend. To be honest with you I loveeee hiking or walking alone and just being free in my own world with the trees but after hearing recent negative incidents on the news, better be safe than sorry.

Stay safe peeps and thank you for dropping by.

Lots of love


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